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Boost Juice is releasing a Vegemite smoothie this week

Written by
Claire Finneran

Ever sipped on a refreshingly cold and sweet banana smoothie from Boost and thought: "mmm, this could use a nip of Vegemite"? Well you're in luck, weirdo! Australia's massive purveyor of fruity beverages has just unveiled its latest creation – The Vegemite Boost. 

The smoothie adds a small amount of Vegemite to what would otherwise be a perfectly fine and yum blend of sweet ingredients. The Vegemite Boost contains banana, vanilla yoghurt, chocolate and a dash of our nation's fave spread, with the hope to resemble a salted caramel style flavour. The new bev is part of Boost's limited edition milk bar range, which includes a rocky road and a cookies and cream smoothie.

Time Out got to sample one of the delightfully brown concoctions and, as with most things Vegemite is added to if you're a fan of the stuff, found it to be not too shabby a smoothie enhancer after all. “Look, it’s not as bad as I thought it would be,” said one of our editors. “I wouldn’t have known it was vegemite if you didn’t tell me,” added another, also musing, "It's kind of like salted chocolate… and banana." 

Boost has been concealing healthy items like kale in chocolate-based smoothies for ages, so why not try their latest attempt at getting some vitamin B into your diet with a Vegemite Boost next time you're at the shops.  

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