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Map with coloured dots pointing out Covid-19 exposure sites in NSW
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Could you have been exposed to Covid-19? This interactive map will show you instantly

It was developed by a data expert using information the state governments have made publicly available

Divya Venkataraman

It's not always easy to keep on top of the health information released by the authorities, especially when multiple new venues are being added to a growing lists of virus exposure sites in both Victoria and NSW, often multiple times a day.

Now, a NSW data expert has set out to make things a little easier for you. Instead of combing through long lists of Covid-19 exposure sites scattered across your state, you can now refer to this interactive map that filters the information that's most relevant to you. While it's not an official government source, the map synthesises all the information released by NSW Health and the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services and packages them into a click-through, accessible format complete with the crucial timings of the exposure and rolling updates on venues as they're released.

The map also includes health directions issued by the government in relation to those present at any affected site. Click through to a venue you attended at the relevant time, and you'll find out whether you should immediately get tested and self-isolate for 14 days; get tested and isolate until you receive your results; or whether you just need to monitor for symptoms. 

It's recommended that you use this map as a guide and check the official sources for NSW and Victoria, too. 

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