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Hey, Sydney! It’s your last chance to take part in our huge global survey
Written by
Emma Joyce

What makes you proud to live in our harbour city? Is it because we’re so pretty, or because we know how to party? Is it because we have unrivalled arts and culture venues, or because we’ve got some of the best restaurants in the world?

What do you hate about it? Is it the lack of fun, vibrant places to go out at night? Is it the Meccano set of construction sites you pass on the way to work every day? Is it your job? The tiny apartment you spend all your wages on? Or is it your love life?

We want to know how you really feel about living in Sydney, from sex and dating to restaurants, nightlife and our arts and culture offerings. So far, nearly 1,000 Sydneysiders have given their opinions in our fun, anonymous quiz – the Time Out Index. Nearly 25,000 people have completed the survey worldwide.

There are only a few days to go until we close the survey, so if you’re fired up with opinions about the best suburbs in Sydney (and the worst), or if you think we’re the most diverse, friendliest, or sauciest city in the world – let us know. Have your say on Sydney and we’ll share the results real soon.

Take the Time Out Index survey now.

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