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A room at Sydney's West Hotel
Photograph: Paul Gosney

How Hilton hotels are making it less weird to stay in a hotel right now

Yeah, it's a weird time to stay at a hotel right now, but it doesn't have to be
Written by
Cassidy Knowlton

It can be daunting to stay at a hotel at the tail end of 2020, even though West Hotel has reopened and is spotlessly clean. So that's why Hilton has instituted its CleanStay program, to put your mind at ease that everything is as perfectly clean as it looks. All guest rooms are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with hospital-grade cleansers, with particular care given to high-touch areas like switches and electronic controls, handles and knobs, bathroom surfaces and the remote control. The remote control is even covered with a CleanSafe sticker, so you know that particular attention has been paid to it. 

In fact, the entire room is given a CleanStay seal when the process is complete, so you know no one has entered it since it was given a thorough deep clean. Want to see for yourself how the process works? There's even a video explaining every step.

The hotel's restaurant and bar are not yet open, but you can order room service in the morning and enjoy eggs Benedict, toast, croissants, French toast or other breakfast favourites in the comfort of your own, extra-clean room. 

Once you've arrived at your spotless room, you might or might be comfortable with the idea of housekeeping entering and leaving during your stay. If you want to arrange for housekeeping to come, just ask the front desk. If you don't, no one will enter the space but you during your stay. Need more toiletries or fresh towels but don't want people in and out? Just ring the front desk and these items will be dropped off in protective packaging outside your door, no contact required.

Having all these precautions in place helps to set your mind at ease during what can be a somewhat stressful time, so you can focus on the important stuff: Relaxing and enjoying your stay, and getting out and about and making the most of Sydney. 

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