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Pepe Saya is now delivering buttery crumpet care packages for breakfast

Written by
Divya Venkataraman

Pepe Saya butter – fronted by that instantly recognisable Roman-nosed profile – has a bit of a cult following amongst Sydneysiders. The butter connoisseurs take their art very seriously, perfecting it via a 25-hour fermenting process after which it's aged for four weeks and hand-churned until it reaches an ideal, seriously creamy finish. Whether you usually order Pepe Saya's goodies online or are used to swinging by Carriageworks Markets to pick them up, there's no denying that their butter is rich, smooth and perfect for lathering onto crumpets. 

So, in order to lift us from these isolation doldrums, Pepe Saya has partnered with sister outfit Crumpets by Merna to bring you the cozy breakfast box of your dreams, featuring pillowy, handmade sourdough crumpets and an assortment of condiments. 

Last week, they kicked off with the lemon curd box, which sold out in a flash. Pepe Saya asked their fruiterer what they should do next. His answer? Rhubarbs. Their current breakfast box is chock-a-block with deliciousness: a six-pack of crumpets, single-serve foil packets of Pepe’s luscious butter, a tub of perfectly fermented crème fraîche, and a jar of stewed rhubarb with vanilla pods for that sweet, tangy finish. 

In times like these, we wouldn't blame you for needing a delicious, buttery morning pick-me-up. They're $35 a box and can be ordered from Pepe Saya online or via Crumpets by Merna

Check out other kinds of delicious goodies you can get delivered straight to your home. 

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