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Soirée at Home is the new, virtual blind date event in town

Single and ready to e-mingle?

Written by
Divya Venkataraman

In ordinary times, there's plenty to love about the single life – but staying at home puts a decisive pin in quite a lot of it. Sure, you can still get down at the club in iso, but some of the sparkle of a big night fades when you're still in your pyjamas and brushing off cookie crumbs from the night before. If you find yourself gently stroking your freshly-baked sourdough loaf and leaning into its, sort of, well, human-like warmth – you might want to get in on this. 

Introducing the Soirée at Home: a virtual blind date event that you can participate in from the couch. Get Swanned, a British and Irish dating app, is putting on the event, but the virtual event is for any and all. They're teaming up with Soirée Events, the party planners best known for their roaming dinner parties where singles move from house to house for each dinner course. The best part of this virtual date? You get to bring a friend along for the ride. No more signalling across the bar about how your date's going – just mute yourselves and gossip away. Plus, it's totally free. 

So how does it work? First, find a friend and email with your names, ages, nationalities, professions and social media profiles. Expert matchmakers will work their magic and match up you and your friend with another pair of friends. You'll be given some ice-breaker questions to answer (not lame ones, don't worry) and then get sent an invitation with a date and time for your Zoom date. When the night comes, just don't be late – you literally have no excuse.  

Date nights will be on Fridays and Saturdays this April and May. Let the hilarity ensue. 

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