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Night Time Industries Association
Photograph: Daniel BoudNight Time Industries Association's Justine Baker, Kerri Glasscock and Mike Rodrigues

Sydney now has a Night Time Industries Association

Nick Dent

Nightlife in Sydney and NSW to set to be re-energised with the launch on Thursday November 8 of industry group the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA).

Time Out Australia is proud to be associated with the NTIA, not least because it’s the brainchild of our managing director, Michael Rodrigues, who now steps forward as the association’s chair.

Rodrigues says the NTIA brings together the arts, music and hospitality sectors with the aim of reviving NSW’s reputation as a vibrant and fun place to go out.

“The NTIA is the solution to the very well understood problem that our nightlife is in crisis,” Rodrigues says, “and those of us who care about the reputation of Sydney and NSW need to band together to do something about it.”

The NTIA already counts as members Century Venues, Solotel Group, the Independent Bars Association, Sydney Fringe Festival, Australian Venue Co, the Mary’s Group, Music NSW, the Committee for Sydney, Sonos and Time Out.

“Our developing policy agenda includes: formal recognition by government that the Night Time Economy matters; the creation of a Night Time Ministry; repeal of lockout; fixing venue regulation; creation of a one-stop shop for noise complaints; and substantial reinvestment in the creative industries,” Rodrigues says.

The NTIA launch event at Chiswick Restaurant in Woollahra drew 100 of NSW and Australia’s most influential stakeholders in the night-time economy, including senior executives from APRA AMCOS, Ticketmaster, Livenation, Carriageworks and the Art Gallery of NSW.

Rodrigues says: “If you are a business or organisation that relies on the Night Time Economy, now is the time to join the NTIA and start the fight back to re-energise nightlife in NSW.”

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