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Taronga Zoo welcomes two new koala joeys

Written by
Alannah Maher

Koalas have not been having an easy go of it of late. Australia’s beloved bushy-eared marsupials were already classed as vulnerable before the ongoing NSW and QLD bushfires started tearing through koala habitats, causing the loss of hundreds of koalas and injuries to many more. But there’s good news for our furry friends at Taronga Zoo, where they’ve just welcomed two adorable new koala joeys. Babies Ella and Matteo recently emerged from their mums' pouches, and they’re busy getting out and about, exploring their new home at the zoo and developing their own unique personalities.

The joeys were born in February and have spent the last nine months growing in their mums' pouches. Matteo was born to the chilled out second-time mum Wattle, while Ella’s mum Milawa is a first-timer. “It’s fantastic to see both Joeys and both mums doing so well,” said Taronga Zoo Koala Keeper Laura Jones. “Ella is already experimenting a little with her independence and comfortable sitting on her own, although still staying close to mum. Matteo, on the other hand, has proved himself to be an adventurous young joey, a healthy eater and a big fan of his leaves.”

Taronga Zoo is carrying out vital conservation work to protect koalas; as well as rearing bubs like Ella and Matteo the zoo’s Wildlife Hospital and Wildlife Health teams are on standby offer emergency assistance for koalas impacted by the devastating bushfires and they’ve been at work on a long-term strategy to identify, connect and restore habitat for priority koala populations. You can do your own bit to support our eucalyptus loving tree loafs by looking out for the FSC logo on products when shopping for things like toilet paper, and slowing down and taking extra care on the roads especially when driving around dawn or dusk. Taronga’s Koala Emergency Appeal is also currently taking donations.

You can see the new joeys doing their thing by visiting Taronga’s koala enclosure.

Want to get even closer to Australia's cutest tree-dwellers? Why not splash out on a night at the Taronga Zoo Wildlife Retreat?

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