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Tasmania's MONA is delivering extremely potent, unholy cocktails to your door

Introducing the Espresso Damnation and the Double Smoted Negroni.

Divya Venkataraman

If you've abandoned all hope for your salvation in these apocalyptic times, we wouldn't blame you. So, why not lean in to your impending doom and drink from MONA's Unholy Waters: a range of pre-mixed cocktails designed to give you a dose of MONA's maverick mischief from home.

Like other art galleries and cultural institutions around the world, Hobart's Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) has temporarily shuttered its physical doors, turning to the digital realm to reach its audience. There are now three remaining ways to stay connected to MONA: visit Tim via livestream, a man who sits alone in the gallery to display the artwork that is his intricately tattooed back; MONA's sky-high light show, a dazzling nighttime spectacle that will run until the gallery reopens; or finally, by sipping on a demonically delicious Espresso Damnation or Double Smoted Negroni. 

The Espresso Damnation packs a punch: a fragrant coffee liqueur and cold-drip coffee, cut through with a hint of chocolate-mole bitters and artichoke amaro. If you're feeling fancy, MONA recommends you garnish your creation with dehydrated orange and a couple more coffee beans. Otherwise, the Double Smoted Negroni, with gin, Italian bitters, sweet vermouth, sherry and orange bitters, makes for a mean, ungodly libation. 

After admiring the neat glass bottles, just stir your cocktails over ice, strain, garnish and serve. Buy a Sinner's Set ($85) featuring two of each to test out at home or gift to your favourite heathen. Shop online for free delivery all across Australia. Oh, and make sure to check back in to see when the Behold Fashioned and the Ye Almighty Martini are back in stock. 

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