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The Global Drug Survey wants to have an honest conversation about your drug habits

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Photograph: Creative Commons

Recreational drug use is a reality in our city’s nightlife and entertainment industries. And the Global Drug Survey wants to have a honest conversation about it.

For more than five years the Global Drug Survey (GDS) has been asking people to share their recreational drug habits by filling out a confidential and encrypted online survey. Because recreational drug use is illegal in many countries, it can be hard to get accurate and honest information on the issue. The survey is privately commissioned by a group of international experts in drugs, health and public policy – so you don’t need to fear being contacted by the feds.

This year the GDS is asking questions like:

  • Have you tested your pills?
  • How much do you trust the police?
  • How much do you trust your dealer?
  • Would you pay more for fair trade cocaine?
  • What’s the deal with microdosing?
  • Would you take a trip to heal your mind?
  • Have you tried any edibles lately?

Since 2011 the GDS has received responses from more than half a million people, making it the largest drug survey in the world. By taking the survey you’ll be helping to make recreational drug use safer and create policy that focuses on drug use as a health issue. The survey also unearths some very interesting factoids that make you sound really smart – for instance, the 2017 survey revealed that Australia is the third most-expensive country in which to purchase MDMA.

Ready to spill your guts? Head over to the Global Drug Survey website to make your submission.