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This booze company is offering tinnie deliveries for Valentine’s Day

Written by
Juliana Yu

Less than a month out from Valentine’s Day, the more diligent partners out there are likely beginning to consider their gifting options. Something sentimental? Something sweet? Something sparkly? If none of those criteria really sing out to you, you might like to consider the ‘Valen-Tinnies Gift Box’ instead.

Created by alcohol delivery company BoozeBud, it’s a box of 16 craft beer cans in a variety of styles, from pale and summer ales to lagers and IPAs. They’ve sourced tins from across Australia, including a Sorachi Kolsch from Mornington Peninsula and an IPA from Last Rites in Tassie, as well a handful of foreign imports from breweries like Kona in Hawaii and BrewDog in Scotland.

And because romance isn’t dead, the box costs $69.69 (yep, you read right), for which they’ll chuck in a personalised card too. While we don’t have plans to ‘accidentally’ leave the tab for this particular gift open on our partners’ web browsers, there’s definitely an audience for this out there – perhaps if you have the kind of partner who, when referring to ‘perle’, ‘crystal’, and ‘golding’ isn’t talking about jewellery, hates sweets, or simply has really bad hayfever.

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