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You can go into quarantine at Sydney's actual Quarantine Station

Cassidy Knowlton

Sydney's Quarantine Station was built in 1848 to look after anyone who came off a ship that was carrying ill passengers into Sydney. The word itself comes from the Italian for '40', as everyone who had come into contact with sick passengers had to be isolated for a full 40 days before they were declared healthy enough to mix with the general Sydney population. Sound familiar? 

The station has since been turned into a hotel complex and conference venue, but it's going back to its quarantine roots as all of a sudden Sydneysiders have a renewed reason to go into isolation. For anyone who needs to go into self-isolation but doesn't want to or can't do it in their home, Q Station is offering special 14-day isolation rates. Q Station will also provide grocery packs or a full day's worth of meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks), delivered contact-free outside your door. 

Time Out recently went on a staff retreat to Q Station (this was in the Beforetime, of course), and there are few places better set up or more comfortable for riding out 14 days of self-isolation. The 33-hectare grounds are beautiful, with views of the sea and cliffs on all sides. And as it was built as for quarantine, the facilities are already in place to keep people safely away from each other. If you've just arrived in the country or been in contact with a person who has been diagnosed with Covid-19 and you don't want to go home to put your family or housemates at risk, this seems like a good place to spend a couple of very comfortable weeks until you get the all-clear. 

Prices start from $100 per room, per night, and grocery packs are $20 a day. Meal delivery is $70 per person, per day (and you will never be as well fed). 

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