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You can insert your face into your fave GIFs with this freaky app

Stephen A Russell

While we all pause to consider the privacy ramifications of downloading the government’s tracking app, here at Time In Towers we’ve been merrily handing over our facial recognition keys to photo apps. 

Jokes, lol. We’re sure freakily addictive new app Doublicat is totally legit and will stick to its announced plans of definitely not selling on our data to any dubious world leaders. What it does do is take a scan of your very best selfie and then seamlessly (or not so much) insert your facial likeness into your favourite GIFs, in a gloriously weird act of deep-fakery that we cannot get enough of.

Seriously. It's ridic. Here’s me, Sydney’s acting arts ed Stephen before mucking around with Doublicat. 

Sydney arts editor Stephen A Russell
Sydney arts editor Stephen A Russell Photograph: supplied

And then here's me not at all freaking Kate Winslet out as her new dance partner in doomed love story Titanic.

Titanic Doublicat
Titanic DoublicatPhotograph: Doublicat

Seriously, with Romeo + Juliet lead Leo out of the picture and me deep-faked in, there's every reason for Kate to chuck me overboard from a door that’s clearly big enough for two… Call it a winter romance that hit the iceberg big time.

I also grabbed my digital fedora and made like I'm on the run from that big-ass boulder in Raiders of the Lost Ark, faking it as Harrison Ford, whip not included (nor the Star Wars star’s hunky charm), for this digital atrocity. 

Indiana Doublicat
Indiana DoublicatPhotograph: Doublicat

And I’m pretty sure that Marvel will not be signing me up for a multi-movie deal on the basis of my turn as Black Widow, even if Scarlett Johansson has left the building even before her fan-fave Avenger’s first and final solo jaunt made it to now-shuttered cinemas.

Black Widow Doublicat
Black Widow DoublicatPhotograph: Doublicat

Just in case you thought it was only me getting in on the Doublicat disasters obsession, here’s my Melbourne arts counterpart Nicola Dowse as she normally looks (i.e. not at all terrifying).

Melbourne arts editor Nicola Dowse
Melbourne arts editor Nicola DowsePhotograph: supplied

And then here's Nic then taking a severe Slytherin turn for the worst as a Doubliat-substituted Voldemort from the Harry Potter film franchise.

Harry Potter Doublicat
Harry Potter DoublicatPhotograph: Doublicat

Basically it's the exact opposite of a glow-up when he who must not be named and his alarming nasal cavities are involved. Here's how unimpressed Nic’s much cuter Hermione stand-in looks with the above...

Hermione Doublicat
Hermione DoublicatPhotograph: Doublicat

Melbourne editor Rebecca Russo is keeping her before-shot under wraps, but her fabulously luscious eyebrows survive the fusion with Iron Man, easily surpassing actor Robert Downey Jr.

Iron Man Doublicat
Iron Man DoublicatPhotograph: Doublicat

But trust Sydney editor Maxim Boon to drop the deep-fake mic. His hilariously moustachioed take on the Mother of Dragons herself, Daenerys ‘I was having a bad day in the final season shipping my cold-shoulder nephew, ok?’ Targaryen. 

Game of Thrones Doublicat
Game of Thrones DoublicatPhotograph: Doublicat

BOOM, indeed. Go forth and conquer Doublicat, breakers of GIF chains...

Way too freaky seeing yourself deep-faked like this? Host a stab-happy murder mystery party instead.

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