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You can now get drive-through New York-style bagels in Sydney

As well as lox and tubs of schmear.

Written by
Divya Venkataraman

None of us are travelling to New York anytime soon, but you can still get yourself a true taste of the Big Apple with Brooklyn Boy Bagels' new carpark set-up – designed for you to grab your doughy morsel and continue on your way with minimal contact with people. 

Michael Shafran is no stranger to innovation. Since 2013, he's been impressing his loyal Sydney clientele with dense, golden bagels made in the proper New York style – boiled, of course. Now, Shafran's institution is rolling with the times and setting up a drive-through in front of its Marrickville warehouse, so you can drop in, grab a box of bagels (as well as some lox and schmear), and cruise on back home. 

Brooklyn Boy's got all the bagels you could want: plain, blueberry, sesame, poppy seed and, just as you'd find in a bodega in the boroughs, an everything bagel scattered with poppy, sesame and caraway seeds. And what's a bagel without a lashing of cream cheese? Probably, well, dry. But fear not because you can take your pick of schmear to spread on top: there's plain, jalapeño, lox and garlic and chive to choose from. 

If you can't pick just a couple of bagels, for the Bagel Survival Kit, loaded with eight bagels and two spreads for $42.95. For a family of bagel fiends, or just the ravenously hungry, go for the Self-Islolation Nosh Fest, with 24 (!) bagels and five different spreads. 

Brooklyn Boy Bagels is open for drive-through from Tuesday - Sunday, from 7am until noon. Grab 'em hot. 

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