Halloween at the Royal Oak

Halloween at the Argyle (watermark cropped)
Photograph: Supplied

The scariest thing about this party is having to go to work the next day

There are few things as terrifying as realising it’s only Tuesday, but the fact that Halloween falls midweek this year surely grants you a free pass to party like it’s the weekend.

The Royal Oak is throwing a big ol’ bash to celebrate the US-imported holiday, slinging $5 tacos, $5 tequila and $10 cocktail specials on – what else – Bloody Marys all night long.

On the screens, footy will be swapped for horror flicks, but if they’re too much to stomach you always take your drink to the dancefloor, where DJs will be playing all night.

We trust that you’ll have packed a spare costume in your gym bag before heading to work, but if you haven’t, they’ve got you sorted with free sugar skull face painting.

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