Ultimate Power

Nightlife, Karaoke
People dancing in a nightclub with confetti falling.
Photograph: Supplied/Ultimate Power

Time Out says

A new club night dedicated to power ballads is coming to the Metro Theatre basement

Do you regularly lose your voice scream-singing along to epic ballads like Bon Jovi’s unmatchable ‘Living on a Prayer’, Journey's ‘Don't Stop Believing’ and every big winner from Whitney Houston’s epic career? Well, have we got a night out for you.

Ultimate Power is a party focused solely on these singalong bangers that functions like a mad communal karaoke. The event has been doing the club and music festival circuit in the UK since 2006, and the December event at the party basement of the Metro Theatre will be its Aussie debut. 

So prepare your air guitars and get ready for the most intense retro night in recent history, with a soundtrack by Toto, Queen, Bonnie Tyler and many more.


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