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  • 3 out of 5 stars

Time Out says

3 out of 5 stars

A Bangladeshi curry house that stands out in a sea of Indian

Whatever you do, make sure you order the fuchka ($6.90). Stopped laughing? Good. This popular and addictive street snack is found all over Bangladesh. It’s a vegetarian mix of chickpeas, potato and spices served alongside a pile of puffed-up hollow wheat ball crisps (Indians call these panipuri). The fun part is tapping a little hole into the top of the hollow orbs, spooning in some filling and then adding a little chilli vinegar. Shove the entire thing into your mouth and sit back with a sigh as the orb splinters into a mouthful of crunchy shell and spiced curry. This Bangladeshi curry house – recently refurbished with embroidered crimson red chairs and tablecloths – plays host to a steady stream of local families and couples. The kacchi biryani ($11.90), a celebratory dish often featured in Bangladeshi weddings, is one of the house specialties. It’s a colourful mound of basmati rice tinted bright yellow from saffron, cooked with chunks of tender marinated goat and fragrant with cardamom. And if you’ve really got game, try the brain masala ($9.90) swaddled in a thick masala gravy. It’s nutty and a little creamy and the brains are chopped up so you don’t really know you’re eating it. Go on. We dare you.

Written by Helen Yee


2/23-25 Frederick St
Opening hours:
Sun-Mon 11am-11pm
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