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Belly Bao

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Time Out says

Is it a burger, or is it a bao? The tasty steamed buns at this kitchen keep the punters guessing

Back at the start of 2015, Goodgod Small Club welcomed Belly Bao: bringing Taiwan’s delicious bao buns into the bar-club environment.
The soft, fluffy buns are made from steamed, fermented wheat dough that is then stuffed like a soft taco. And Belly Bao’s take on one of Asia’s best street foods has gone down a treat with Goodgod regulars.
The perfect bar snack, Belly Bao’s bao buns come in six main varieties (with fresh or pickled toppings and lively sauces to match): slow braised pork belly; crackling roast pork belly; Panko-crumbed chicken breast; soft shell crab; and crispy tofu.
Chef Sylvia Tran has since expanded the menu with the likes of the BBC – Belly Bao fried chicken, crunchy wings and sweet potato fries with a kick.
Drop by on a Thursday evening to catch their weekly special, the Baoger: Belly Bao’s take on a hamburger. A handmade steamed bao bun contains a juicy Angus beef patty, melted cheese, lettuce, onion, pickled radish and Baoger sauce.
Then there are the eye-catching dessert offerings taking steamed buns to another level: the Baonana split and Strawbelly Bao.
The kitchen at Goodgood has long been at the forefront of Sydney’s dude food culture, from the early hot dogs and fries revival to jerk chicken and now, with Tran’s clever fusions of American fast food with Taiwanese street eats.


53-55 Liverpool St
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Opening hours:
Wed-Fri 5-10pm; Sat 6-10pm
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