Bonditony's Burger Joint

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 (Photograph: Nikki Malvar)
Photograph: Nikki Malvar
 (Photograph: Nikki Malvar)
Photograph: Nikki Malvar
 (Photograph: Nikki Malvar)
Photograph: Nikki Malvar

Surf, sand and succulently sloppy burgers

Little compares to the joys of devouring a burger after a long day at the beach, and Bonditony’s is here to make sure it remains just that. They bring authentic burgers to local beach bums in Bondi; the current hot ticket item off the grill is the Trippin Zeahorse: a locally-sourced, grass-fed beef patty topped with crispy free-range “Ms Piggy” (AKA bacon), tomato, tasty cheese, tomato relish and a house-made seeded mustard aioli. The menu includes beef, chicken, fish and vegetarian burgers, all of which can be enjoyed at communal tables. Wash it all down with Young Henrys on tap or opt for shakes with a healthy spin – they're made with coconut milk ice cream.

Customers can phone in orders and, if nobody answers, you can still text your order to Bondi Tony – he'll “hit you back.” You have his sincere word.


Venue name: Bonditony's Burger Joint
Address: 1/144 Glenayr Street
Opening hours: Tue-Fri 5-11pm; Sat, Sun 12-11pm
Static map showing venue location