Dervish Turkish Restaurant

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Pide at Dervish Turkish Restaurant Auburn
Photograph: Emily Lloyd-Tait

Pop in to this welcoming Turkish café where they’re rolling their lahmacum pastry wafer thin, topping it with a tender mix of minced lamb, onion, parlsey and tomato and chilli and then flash baking it in the oven. It’s like an extra-crispy based pizza, and with a squeeze of lemon and a scattering of fresh parsley it really brings the dish together. It comes with simple tangy salad of lettuce cabbage red onion and tomato dusted in herbs on the side, and if you ask nicely they’ll pour out a strong black tea to go with it. 


Venue name: Dervish Turkish Restaurant
Address: 22 Auburn Rd
Opening hours: Mon-Thu 7am-10pm; Fri-Sun 7am-11pm
Static map showing venue location