Iftar at Efendy

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Iftar at Efendy

Treat your tastebuds to a Turkish feast

Balmain's Efendy will be hosting a special Ramadan event this year, with the Turkish restaurant dishing out an Iftar feast from dusk every Wednesday through Sunday throughout Ramadan.

Once the sun goes down and the daily fast is over you can start with an Iftar plate of olives, feta, kashar cheese, pastirma, dried figs, apricots, tomatoes and cucumber. Then you'll get to enjoy grilled spicy sujuk, Adana style lamb kebaps, charcoal grilled chicken thigh fillets, beef and pistachio kofte, lamb ribs, tandir bread, grilled vegetables and cracked wheat bulgur pilav.

Finish with a Ramadan dessert platter along with tea, coffee and Turkish Delight.


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