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[CLOSED] Get in for a Chinese lunchtime bonanza at Little H

Those who blinked may have missed Hamish Ingham and Rebecca Lines’ short stint doing Chinese food at Woolloomooloo’s awesome pub the Old Fitzroy. Dry your tears, though, Sydney. They’re now offering a very similar lunch menu at their incredible casual diner, Bar H. And the best bit? You can order a couple of things, be stuffed and get out of there for less than a twenty.

Try chef Ingham’s plain congee with a side of big puffy sheets of crisp-bread, coriander, green onions, finely diced mustard greens and rice vinegar. It’s all there to pimp your rice porridge as you like. Or have it blissfully plain if you’re nursing an atomic hangover. The Bar H steamed pork burger is the one to bet on if you’re about to eat off your own arm. It’s a massive soft bun filled with mint, strands of fennel and slices of steamed pork all squished together with chilli sauce. That's a two-hand, five-napkin job right there. You may have only taken a bite or two of that burger if you also went in for a serve of pork wontons with a spicy ginger and soy dressing, or the side of deep-fried chicken wings, all covered in chopped green chillies, green onions and sesame.

As we mentioned, these are big serves, and it’s meant to be a one-quick-dish-at-lunch type of offering, not treated as a big grazing menu. If there are two of you, split a couple of things and order a star anise-spiked iced-coffee. And hey, you’re a two-step from Corduroy. Stop by for a macchiato and jog back to work.

By: Myffy Rigby


Venue name: Little H
Address: Bar H
80 Campbell Street
Surry Hills
Opening hours: 11.30am-2.30pm
Price: $5-$16

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