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  1. A flatlay of Turkish food
    Photograph: Supplied
  2. Maydanoz
    Photograph: Steven Woodburn
  3. Maydanoz
    Photograph: Steven Woodburn
  4. Maydanoz
    Photograph: Steven Woodburn
  5. Maydanoz
    Photograph: Steven Woodburn
  6. Maydanoz
    Photograph: Steven Woodburn
  7. Maydanoz
    Photograph: Steven Woodburn
  8. Maydanoz
    Photograph: Steven Woodburn
  9. Maydanoz
    Photograph: Steven Woodburn
  10. Maydanoz
    Photograph: Steven Woodburn
  11. Maydanoz
    Photograph: Steven Woodburn
  12. Maydanoz
    Photograph: Steven Woodburn
  13. Maydanoz
    Photograph: Steven Woodburn

Time Out says

5 out of 5 stars

Explore the unparalleled deliciousness and precision of the Aegean coast at this fun and elegant Wynyard hit

It should come as no surprise that the Efendy group features so frequently on lists of the best Turkish in Sydney. After all, the casual fine diners have brought astonishing quality and attention to detail across the board, to delicious effect.

Maydanoz is worth the visit for aesthetics alone, with tumbling heirloom pumpkins on display and gorgeous verdant subway tiles across the entire space. The only thing better is the food.

Here it's all about the celebration of vegetables typical of the Aegean coastline (though there's plenty to keep the carnivores happy) where mind-bending contrasts abound; slow-roasted and smoky eggplant mains are served cold, while cheese courses come en flambé with their own teeny tiny grills for a touch of theatre. The theatre is perhaps gilding the lily, given how vibrant and drop-dead gorgeous every dish at Maydanoz is.

Where to begin? A starter of vermillion pressed beetroot wedged between two crackers with finely grated fresh cheese is an explosion of sharp vinegar, satisfying crunch rounded creaminess. Surpassed only by the cilbir, a toast of soft-boiled quails egg, garlic, and humming warm Marash pepper. We could keep going but we don't want to give away too much, just trust us when we tell you that you should wait for the late bus at Wynyard and settle in here for a properly delicious meal complimented by warm service that frequently ends with a hug.

Parsley, or maydanoz, won't be found as a kitschy garnish on a dry bed of hummus. Rather it's cleverly used as a herbaceous accent in the Zamrut, a bracing and refreshing apple, lime and rum cocktail that has all the fresh flavours of a green juice with the added bonus of anise-spiked booze. A smart, refreshing, and altogether unexpected cocktail list leans heavily on fresh and herby brightness, while the wine list is a total globetrot of drops rarely seen on Aussie shores. 

We've said it before but we'll say it again, the changing tide of Turkish cuisine in Sydney is overdue and completely welcome. There will always be a place for a late-night kebab with cheese and garlic sauce, but if Maydanoz is setting the bar? Then that's a challenge we're happy to accept.

Written by
Elizabeth McDonald


1/50 Carrington Street
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri, noon-10pm; Sat, 5-10pm
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