Pho Pasteur

Restaurants, Vietnamese Haymarket
4 out of 5 stars
 (Photograph: Daniel Boud)
Photograph: Daniel Boud
 (Photograph: Daniel Boud)
Photograph: Daniel Boud
 (Photograph: Daniel Boud)
Photograph: Daniel Boud
 (Photograph: Daniel Boud)
Photograph: Daniel Boud

Is this the CBD’s best pho?

There are a few pho places on this busy strip of George Street, just down from Central Station, but this is the one we like best. Sitting here in the window seat watching the crowds rush by, while slurping a piping hot bowl of pho feels very Sydney, no matter where you're from. 

The pho here bangs with deep, savoury, bone-rich flavour, with heaps of fresh flat noodles and the traditional plate of bean sprouts, lemon and big ol'stalks of Thai basil served on the side, ready to be picked and plonked on top. Order the ‘beef noodle soup’ for the raw beef, which cooks in your broth as you eat. 
The ‘crispy chicken rice noodle soup’ is also a stand out, as you get a massive pile of fried chicken on the side to pick up and gnaw on in between gulps of fragrant chicken soup. A word of warning: we have yet to finish a small, so order the large at your peril. They do takeaway too, but there's something about this sprawling, hectic, always-full restaurant that we'd find ourselves missing if we didn't eat in.

By: Freya Herring


Venue name: Pho Pasteur
Address: 709 George St
Opening hours: Daily 10am-9.30pm
Price: $
Static map showing venue location