Smokin' Grill

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Smokin' Grill

Yeehaw! Low and slow American style barbecue is coming to Sydney

Fun fact: Americans and Australians mean different things when we say "barbecue". To Australians, a barbecue is something you can throw another prawn on. It's all hot flames – or heated metal if you're doing it at a local park.

But for Americans barbecue means meat cooked low and slow in a specially made smoker. The thing you throw a prawn on? They call that grilling. Which, okay, we admit, makes the title 'Smokin' Grill' a little confusing, but we can 100 per cent confirm that what you'll be tucking into at this 80 Proof hootenany is US of A style barbecue. Delicious ribs, brisket and more, from 1pm until they sell out, all cooked in a custom built smoker. Get in early, or grab a booking to make sure you don't miss out. 

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