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Sarah Jessica Parker cheersing wine glasses
Photograph: Supplied

And just like that... Sarah Jessica Parker's low-alcohol wine label has landed in Australia

The 'Sex and the City' star has brought her label, Sevenly, Down Under

Written by
Elizabeth McDonald

And just like that... Sarah Jessica Parker's low-alcohol wine label, Sevenly, has arrived right here in Australia. Available exclusively at Liquorland and First Choice Liquor Mart, the four varietals (Prosecco, a full-bodied and fresh sauvignon blanc, a rosé and an oaked red blend) have only 7% ABV. 

The low ABV means you can Sarah Jessica double-Parker yourself all day with very little risk of pissing yourself while your bestie gets down and dirty with your boss in the kitchen after a comedy concert. Its low-booze creds could even help you avoid a fatal coronary on your fancy exercise bike.

And at just $20 a bottle, this stuff sells itself, to be honest.

This is the second range of wines that Sarah Jessica has created with her partners Tim Lightbourne and Rob Cameron of New Zealand-based beverage company Invivo. As the co-founder of Sevenly, Parker has been involved in the creation of the new collection, from tasting to label design.

Commitment to sustainability was also important and all wines are produced at a winery in Australia that sources 100% of its energy from solar and wind power.

The Sevenly range is the latest to join the ranks of low and non-alcoholic bevvies available across Sydney and the country at large, as a growing sober-curious movement gains momentum.

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