Black Arts Market

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Esme Timbery's glitter Sydney Harbour Bridge with shells
Photograph: Supplied Esme Timbery, Sydney Harbour Bridge, 2002

Carriageworks is hosting a huge market showcasing the cultural heritage of South-Eastern Aboriginal Australia

Hetti Perkins and Jonathan Jones (the artist behind barrangal dyara in the Botanic Gardens) are curating a mega cultural market in November with 55 stallholders showcasing works by 90 artists of Aboriginal heritage. For two days, there’ll be the opportunity to meet local artists, buy artworks and learn about traditional cultural practices of South-Eastern Australia.

The artists presenting at the markets use traditional craftmanship in contemporary ways, such as Esme Timbery, who creates iconic landmarks using colourful fabrics and shells (pictured) and Flannel Billy, who creates native floral arrangements. There’ll be homewares, ceramics, visual arts, prints, skincare and jewellery on offer, including baskets woven from kelp by Tasmanian artist Netty Shaw and traditional weapons crafted by Andy Snelgar.

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