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Bow & Arrow

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Time Out says

Quite possibly the most stylish shop in Manly

Containing a curated collection of fashionable pieces, Bow & Arrow is the baby of Natasha ‘Tash’ Ianni – a woman who knows how to style both herself and her laneway store. Scarves by artist Natalie Martin are displayed on the walls like masterpieces, and summer dresses from Romance Was Born are hanging from the racks with all the majesty of a red carpet dressing-room.

There are lip paints from brand Fat and the Moon and leather wallets from Spanish label Steve Mono, plus we’re pretty sure this is the only beachside shop where you can pick up Valiance jewellery, Chronicles of Never footwear and Rachel Comey slacks – all in the same room. Not to mention homewares from In Bed and Le Feu De L’Eau.

Impressed by Ianni’s eye for colour and penchant for textures, we asked Tash how she came to work with her best friend (photographer Myles Pritchard) to set up the space and what she looks for when she goes on buying trips overseas.

Tash, how would you describe your style?
Bow and Arrow has pieces from all around the world, pieces that stand out for their fabrication and construction and items that focus more on style rather than ‘fashion’.

Which labels make the cut and what would you say those brands have in common?
We do 90 per cent of the buying overseas. We scout for labels that aren’t readily available in Australia; labels and designers that have a story to tell and whose passion is evident in everything they create. I am all about the touch and quality of labels that are about longevity – about being loved and worn for a longer period of time. That’s the common thread that runs through all the labels in the store.

You have a number of labels from New York – what do you love best about that city and its fashion?
I’ve been travelling to New York on buying trips for the last five years, as it’s a central place to see collections from around the world. New York is a very inspiring city, as it is so diverse in population and culture. I also love that because of this there is such a broad expression of style; people are not afraid to be themselves. Being an individual is the thing that inspires me most, especially when it comes to style.

Your store is part boutique, part art gallery…
This was very intentional, something that was always part of the vision for the store. For me the thing I love most about fashion is its relationship to art. I believe its forms of expression to be really important to the human condition. Art can inspire and uplift, so the dream to open a space that expressed this, as well as displayed a collection of thoughtfully curated pieces from around the world, was always at the forefront for the store.

Also, working closely with one of my best friends – photographer Myles Pritchard – has birthed a little art hub in the store. Collaboration, to me, produces the most interesting work – and Myles and I work very well together. It’s together that we have been able to create shows that allow artists, both locally and internationally, to have their work displayed on the gallery walls. Myles is a man of vision. He is incredibly inspiring to work with and we have a lot of fun! At the end of the day, we want people to walk into a happy, light-hearted and inspiring place – somewhere everyone feels welcome.

Written by Emma Joyce


15 Whistler St
Opening hours:
Daily 10am-6pm
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