Hadassa Kosher Butchery

Shopping Bondi Beach
Meat at Hadassa Butcher
Photograph: Mitch Lui

The only fully kosher butcher in Sydney is found in Bondi. On first sight, it might appear to be a Spartan operation but it has offered a full menu that have been both slaughtered and prepared according to strict Jewish dietary laws for decades. It draws customers from all over New South Wales and is a household name within the Sydney Jewish community. If you can’t make it to Bondi, Hadassa Kosher Butchery delivers to nearby suburbs and they sell some cooked products too, if you need something in a pinch.


Venue name: Hadassa Kosher Butchery
Address: 17 O'Brien St
Opening hours: Mon 7am-3pm; Tue-Thu 7am-6pm; Fri 7am-2pm
Static map showing venue location