My Plants and Garden Centre

Shopping Darlinghurst
Generic pot plants
Photograph: Creative Commons

This tiny shop front on a corner opposite the National Art School packs a lot of  lush greenery into very limited space. The savvy use of footpath and tight interior serve to demonstrate just how much jungle you can fit into inner-city abodes and it’s hard to resist wanting to replicate the store’s set-up in your bedroom. The range of  indoor and outdoor plants is extensive but curated and the personable service makes this a confident purchase point for tentative gardeners without a garden. It’s also perfect for last minute gifts, with tasteful ceramic pots and a focus on low-fuss indoor leaves.


Venue name: My Plants and Garden Centre
Address: 112E
Burton St
Opening hours: Wed-Fri 10am-6pm; Sat-Sun 10am-4pm
Static map showing venue location