Red Threads

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Red Threads

A vintage store that marries op-shop goodwill with boutique merchandising, and raises Red Cross funds to boot

These little vintage stores marry op-shop goodwill with boutique merchandising, and raise Red Cross funds to boot. The first Red Threads store opened on King Street in Newtown last year, but a beautiful new boutique has just landed in Paddington. “People love the store because the fit-out is really interesting and the clothes are great,” explains Red Cross merchandise manager Olivia Cozzolino. “And then they find out it’s a Red Cross store and are really impressed.” The fitout is a sensory delight, with walls adorned in WWII Red Cross posters, clothes hanging on racks in colourways, and shoe-shelving made from second-hand books. Each item in the store has been carefully selected, like at the more high-end retro stores, but most still sit around the $15 mark. In fact, you can come out of Red Threads with a whole new outfit, accessories included, for a pineapple. “There are hardcore shoppers that love the challenge of finding gems in op shops, but many shoppers prefer to come into well merchandised stores with great fitouts,” explains Cozzolino. “We’ve done the hard work for our customers and only put out really high quality garments.”


Venue name: Red Threads
Address: 390 Oxford St
Opening hours: Mon-Wed & Fri-Sat 10am-6pm, Thu 10am-8pm Sun 11am-5pm
Static map showing venue location