Neymar Jr’s Five National Final

Sport and fitness, Soccer
Players on the field of a Neyma Jr's Five game
Photograph: Shevin Dissanayake

It’s a fast paced game holding its national final in a gaol

This isn’t your ordinary game of soccer. Neymar Jr’s Five shakes up the sport with new rules: there’s no goalkeeper, each game only has five to a side, goes for ten minutes and you lose players with every goal against your team. Wacky.

This unusual tournament is played at an international level, and this year, Australian teams aiming for the World Final in Brazil will compete in the National Final at Parramatta Gaol. Even if you have trouble following the rules, you can still celebrate at the after party at the gaol, with a line-up of Australian DJs including Sydney spinners Yemisul and Nicole Tania, Lil Spacely, Big Skeez and Canberra-born rapper Turquoise Prince.


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