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A Broadcast Coup

  • Theatre, Drama
  1. People performing in a play set in an office
    Photograph: Supplied/Prudence Upton
  2. Alex King and Amber McMahon performing in play
    Photograph: Supplied/Prudence Upton
  3. Sharon Millerchip performing in play
    Photograph: Supplied/Prudence Upton

Time Out says

This gripping and sharp #MeToo-era comedy delves into the role of controversial public figures and their abuse of power

Ensemble Theatre presents the world premiere of A Broadcast Coup by Melanie Tait, the writer of the sell-out The Appleton Ladies’ Potato Race. 

Tait has collaborated with director Janine Watson (Nearer The Gods, Still Unqualified) and a cast of talented actors and top creatives to produce a performance that will not only make you laugh hysterically, but think about some real issues. 

This play casts a light on the all-too-familiar issues that can come up in any workplace, delving into abuse of power and lack of accountability from controversial public figures and sparking some much-needed debate.

Cut-throat journalist Jez Connell has brought down one of TV’s most lauded stars for behaving badly. A Broadcast Coup follows her as she investigates Michael King, the top-rated darling of public radio. 

“This play draws on my decade-plus working in the media – from things I would see and hear across networks and, to be honest, just thought were part of working in that arena. It was only after the #MeToo reckoning I began to see that some behaviour was unacceptable and could even change,” said Tait.

Covid delays mean that the opening of this play has been a long time coming, but the wait has surely been worth it. 

A Broadcast Coup runs from January 26 to March 4, 2023. Tickets are still available right now, and you can snatch one up by clicking right here.

Jasmine Lopez
Written by
Jasmine Lopez


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