Babes in the Woods

Theatre, Comedy
Babes in the Wood 2016 Old Fitz Theatre hero shot feat Alex Malone and Ildiko Susany photographer credit Anna Gardiner
Photograph: Anna Gardiner Alex Malone and Ildiko Susany

Old Fitz is closing out the year with a Christmas panto

Indie theatre outfit Don't Look Away (Inner Voices) are presenting this seasonal panto at Old Fitz, written and directed by Phil Rouse but inspired by Tom Wright's 2003 'colonial' style Christmas panto of the same name at Melbourne's Malthouse Theatre. For example, the character of Auntry Avaricia will return: a money-grubbing scrooge out to screw her nieces and nephews out of their inheritance. 

Annie Byron, Sean Hawkins, Gabriel Fancourt, Alex Malone, Ildiko Susany and Samantha Young will star.


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