Theatre, Performance art
Cherophobia (2016) Noëmi Lakmaier
Photograph: Grace Gelder

Artist Noëmi Lakmaier suspends herself in the air for over nine hours in this powerful work

Cherophobia is a durational performance by UK-based artist Noëmi Lakmaier. The work will see the artist attempt to lift her bound and immobilised body off the ground using 20,000 multi-coloured helium balloons.

Performed over a nine-hour period, the work will explore notions of control, desire and restraint. It’s part performance and part meditative gathering, and will be performed in the Concert Hall of the Opera House as part of Antidote Festival.

Viewers are invited to join for the duration of the installation or stop by for a moment to experience it in the flesh. Attendance is free with registration.

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