Chorus Old Fitz Theatre 2019 supplied
Photograph: Philip Erbacher

Time Out says

Pop stars in Sydney meet Greek tragedy in this new play

Aeschylus’ classic Greek tragedy Agamemnon has been transplanted to Sydney and given a distinctly Australian reworking by Ang Collins (Blueberry Play) at the Old Fitz. Agamemnon is a global pop star just returned home from a nine month round-the-world concert tour to deal with some unfinished business and start her life afresh. But as she steps back into the house she left behind, memories she has tried to keep buried begin to haunt her again. Collins is tackling issues of familial duty and the eternal pressure for women to conform to certain roles – with tragic consequences if they break the mold. Ella Prince (A Girl is a Half-Formed Thing) plays Agamemnon in a production directed by Clemence Williams (Unfinished Works). It also stars Jack Crumlin, Chemon Theys, Eliza Scott, Madelaine Osborn and Nicole Pingon.


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