Fight With All Your Might the Zombies of Tonight

4 out of 5 stars
Fight With All Your Might the Zombies of Tonight 2016 atyp production still 01 photographer credit Tracey Schramm
Photograph: Tracey Schramm

Time Out says

4 out of 5 stars

A large cast of kids bring zombies to life in Matthew Whittet's comedy for ATYP

Girl Asleep writer (and former grad of Australian Theatre for Young People) Matthew Whittet won the 2015 ATYP Foundation Commission Award with this zombie comedy designed for a young cast aged 10 to 13 years old.

Time Out sent our junior reporter Thom Blake, age 9, to review the show.

Thom's review

This is the story of four peculiar and wacky children (and a young wolf cub who is to be the wolf queen) on halloween night. Something strange is going on. Stranger than usual. It seems only Alex (Rosy Cardis) and her friends can see that schoolchildren in their town are being turned into zombies – zombies who all drink frappuccinos and are crazy for a pop star, Dustin Fever. They can’t even walk straight without bumping into walls (one of them is the fourth wall, which is kind of funny).

This play was written by Matthew Whittet, who recently wrote the award winning movie Girl Asleep. In some ways, it is quite like the film. It is about bullying and being yourself and there are three cool kids who really hate Alex.

The director is Robert Jago. The set and costume designs are by Georgia Hopkins. I really liked the disco ball asteroid.

The acting in this show was very good and the narrator (Max Mulvenny) had some funny jokes. Don’t think this play will be too scary for you. It definitely isn’t. Overall this is an excellent show and you should really see it.



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