Macbeth – The Installation

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A rear view of a topless Macbeth, holding a dagger behind him
Photograph: Supplied Forget the murdering king, this Macbeth live-stream centres on Lady M

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Murdering mayhem goes online with this new look at the downfall of Lady Macbeth streamed live

If he ever encountered a trio of wyrd sisters on a storm-crossed moor, one wonders if they would have shown Shakespeare a vision of the enduring legacy of his wise words. If so, we're hoping he wouldn’t have got stab-happy about it, like the murderous Scottish king of his dark historical drama Macbeth.

It’s one of the most memorable of his enduring works. Re-invented a bajillion times over across the centuries since he penned it, the tragedy of vaulting ambition has spawned countless stage versions, films and other artistic interpretations. Now, in these days of partial lockdown with Sydney’s theatres only just beginning to open up once more, you can stream the bloody mayhem from home.

Macbeth – the Installation, by local troupe Barestage Theatre in collaboration with the City of Sydney and Darlo Drama, recentres the play on its most heart-rending moment. No, not the downfall of the treacherous tyrant himself, slain by Macduff as Birnam Wood comes to Dunsinane. Instead, it explores the (literal) downfall of Lady M in her final moments of despair. Romney Stanton fills the role with all the requisite tortured ambiguity, with the show set entirely within the Queen's mind as she plunges from the ramparts.

Lewis McLeod plays her mad, bad and dangerous to know husband. The cast have been rehearsing at the Darlo Drama theatre, suitably spaced, with Sean O’Riordan directing. He applied for a quick response grant from the City of Sydney, allowing the dark magic to happen.

Professionally filmed by cinematographer Sinclair Suhood, the show will be livestreamed to audiences at home via YouTube from September 25-27. It’s a pay-what-you-think deal, opening at $20, with all proceeds going to support local theatre's return instead.

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