Rameau: Anacréon & Pigmalion

Rameau - Anacréon & Pigmalion 2017 Pinchgut Opera hero art

Pinchgut Opera team up with Orchestra of the Antipodes for a double bill of short works by the French Baroque composer

Which is more important, love or alcohol? That was the sadistic choice that Jean-Philippe Rameau put before Parisian opera goers in 1757, long before this life-shaking question started troubling revellers on a Saturday night in Sydney. The great French composer chose as his lifeline an ancient Greek lyric poet named Anacreon, who specialised in drinking songs.

Try to decide for yourself, preferably under the influence of some sparkling white wine, as you hear the arguments sung by soprano Taryn Fiebig, accompanied the superb Orchestra of the Antipodes.

Also on the programme is another brief work by Rameau, Pigmalion, about a sculptor who falls in love with one of his scantily-clad female statues, and asks the goddess Venus and brings it to life. By then you should have forgotten the original question and be ready to hop up on stage to join in the dancing.

By: Jason Catlett


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