Roomba Nation

Theatre, Drama
Roomba Nation Old 505 Theatre 2018 hero
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This indie comedy questions our relationship with technology and comes up with some surprising answers

What do you get when you combine cracked comedy and a couple of hacked robot vacuum cleaners? Roomba Nation, the new work by experimental theatre makers Hurrah Hurrah, who brought us the thought-provoking show Trade last year. In Roomba Nation, we meet Pippie, possessor of a curious medical anomaly that causes her to be locked in a hospital ward and subjected to every medical test under the sun. Her care meanwhile is left to an efficient team of bots, who attend to her every need. But is Pippie really sick or is it something else? Alison Bennett stars as Pippie in this tale of technology and how it should help people – not necessarily how it can.

By: Polly Simons


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