The Bleeding Tree

Theatre, Drama
The Bleeding Tree 2017 Sydney Theatre Company hero image feat Airlie Dodds Paula Arundell Shari Sebbens photographer credit James Green
Photograph: James Green Airlie Dodds, Paula Arundell and Shari Sebbens

Griffin Theatre Company’s Helpmann Award-winning Australian gothic will upsize to Sydney Theatre Company's Wharf 1

Melbourne writer-performer Angus Cerini won the 2014 Griffin Award for this gothic revenge fantasy, set in a remote farmhouse where three survivors of domestic violence are working out what to do with the body of their tormentor. 

When it premiered at Griffin in 2015, we described Lee Lewis's production as "stunningly lyrical" and "enthralling and essential".

Lewis, who grew up in Goulburn, pushed Cerini's text back into the 1950s, a time when the Country Women’s Association held the community together with scones, sponge cake and a cast-iron sense of organisation. “I wanted the audience to focus on the physical and emotional experience of isolation, rather than the practicalities of how we deal with domestic violence in a contemporary context.” 

By: Dee Jefferson


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