The Effect

Theatre, Drama
The Effect Old Fitz Theatre Sydney 2018 photo credit: John Marmaras
Photograph: John Marmaras

Lucy Prebble's play melding medicine and love returns to Sydney with Firass Dirani in a leading role

Firass Dirani is best known for his work on TV and film (Underbelly: Golden Mile, House Husbands, Hacksaw Ridge, Power Rangers Mystic Force) but is set to return to Sydney stages after a long absence. He'll be appearing in Lucy Prebble's 2012 play The Effect, an unusual romance which takes place during a clinical trial for an unspecified drug. The play had a 2014 showing at Sydney Theatre Company, but the Old Fitz Theatre's production, by artistic director Andrew Henry, will be a far more intimate affair posing big questions about attraction, love and the connections we form. Dirani is joined by Emilie Cocquerel, Emma Jackson and Johnny Nasser.

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