The Wider Earth

Theatre, Drama
The Wider Earth 2018 Queensland Theatre and Dead Puppet Society x Sydney Festival supplied production still 01 feat Tom Conroy LEFT
Photograph: Supplied Tom Conroy (far left) as Charles Darwin in The Wider Earth

This coproduction between Dead Puppet Society and Queensland Theatre offers a fresh take on a famous figure: Charles Darwin

This new Australian play by David Morton (creative director of the Dead Puppet Society) introduces us to naturalist (and future father of 'evolution') Charles Darwin at 21, and takes us on his five-year voyage on the HMS Beagle – during which he travelled down the coast of South America, including the Galápagos islands, documenting the flora, fauna and geology.

Queensland Theatre and Dead Puppet Society coproduced the work (it premiered in 2016 in Brisbane), devising 30 intricate puppets to represent the creatures Darwin encountered – from a beetle to a tortoise to a whale.

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