Triple X

Triple X Sydney Theatre Company 2019 supplied
Photograph: Rene Vaile

Time Out says

Glace Chase's STC debut is promising to be one of the most provocative plays of 2020

This play by NYC-based Australian artist Glace Chase is a romantic comedy unlike any other you’re likely to see on stage. It follows Scotty, played by Josh McConville, a Wall Street banker at the peak of his career who is on the cusp of marrying his fiancee. But he’s secretly having an affair with a trans drag performer, Dexie, played by Chase. It starts off as a purely sexual thing, but soon develops into genuine love.

“What Glace has done is taken quite a conventional form of the well-made play, and quite a conventional genre of the romantic comedy, and they’ve completely turned it on its head,” Sydney Theatre Company artistic director Kip Williams says. “What they do is create quite an outrageous set of dynamics in telling this romantic comedy. It’s very in-your-face. It’s provocative, it’s explosive. It will have people with their mouths open in shock in many moments. It’s also thrillingly brilliant writing; it’s excellent craft.”

The play, a co-production with Queensland Theatre directed by Paige Rattray, will be at the Playhouse at the Sydney Opera House,

“I hope that, like Nakkiah Lui’s Black is the New White, we can start this show in a smaller venue then bring it back to a bigger venue,” Williams says. “I hope it’ll be seen around the country and then around the world.”


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