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Western Sydney storytelling collective CuriousWorks present the latest chapter of their Colony project: an audio-visual concert exploring a 22nd century tale

This audio-visual concert is part of CuriousWorks’ epic narrative project Colony: a tapestry of tales that follows a single family over 15 generations from pre-colonial times to an imagined future in the 22nd century.

The Colony project will span a number of years across a series of artistic productions. The first instalment, When the Tide Comes In, kicked off in March online and continues with this live audio-visual concert at Riverside Theatres.

When the Tide Comes In is a multi-chapter multi-platform story that uses film, prose, music and illustration to explore the story of Sam: a young woman living in 22nd-century Australia who is on a mission to untangle the threads of the past and unearth the secrets of her family history.

In the first chapter of When the Tide Comes In, a short film viewable online, Sam sits on the end of a sunken mattress in an abandoned compound. She looks stoically into the camera as she plugs plastic tubes into her skin and accesses an archive of human history in an attempt to piece together the stories of her ancestors.

“I found her fascinating,” says Marie Chanel, who plays Sam. “A lot of us are drawn to the characters or people who want to change their community or world. There’s something quite courageous about [Sam], but also endearing. At the end of the day, she’s just a young woman who wants to find out who she is.”

The June 22 event at Riverside Theatres will feature a combination of film, live music from Kurinji (Shakthidharan and artist/performer Aimee Falzon), an animated graphic novel backdrop, and a performance by Marie Chanel.

Read more about Colony and CuriousWorks.

By: Shon Ho



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