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Photograph: Supplied/Sydney Opera House

Time Out says

Let world-renowned mentalist Scott Silven take you on a mystifying journey into the deepest corridors of your mind

Part magic show, part mental manipulation masterclass, Wonders is the extraordinary Scott Silven at his most hypnotic – sharing early childhood memories, weaving a colourful narrative and ultimately casting a spell over his awestruck audience.

The Sydney Opera House has a longstanding history of presenting unforgettable spectacles, and this 70-minute show is no exception. The charming Scotsman – who started studying hypnosis at the tender age of 15, and has since graced the stage of some of the world’s most exclusive theatres – gives a performance of total intrigue, leaving you wondering if he can actually read your mind.

A masterful storyteller, Silven divulges how he first discovered his special ability to make mental connections to the world around him, and then how he uses these powers to relate with people via a shared exploration of imaginations. He also challenges audiences to reconsider the powers of the human mind, and reveals how the wonders in all of our own lives can actually bring us closer together.

There’s plenty of audience engagement involved (which allows for Silven’s exquisite display of mentalism to be on full show), and you should be prepared to experience a wide range of emotions: bewilderment, joy, astonishment and even total disbelief are just a few normal reactions. 

Wonders begins its 16-show run on June 14, and needs to be seen to be believed. To score a highly sought-after ticket, head to the Sydney Opera House website.

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