You Can Have It All

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Time Out says

Do you dare step all alone into the web of intrigue playing out in an undisclosed Art Deco apartment?

All across Sydney, major venues are grappling with the post-lockdown reality of how many bums on seats you can squeeze in in the new normal. But one ingenious theatrical outfit have gone exactly the opposite way: creating a thrilling immersive show/escape room challenge where the invite list extends to you and you alone.

Like the perfect tease, You Can Have It All is shrouded in mystery. Here’s what we know – you show up in an undisclosed location somewhere in Potts Point, a short walk from Kings Cross Station, 15 minutes before your slot. You’ll then get an email directing you to an Art Deco apartment nearby. Only one person is allowed in at a time. Once inside, you’ll be presented with information delivered via a television screen, like a nightmare spin on our months of Netflix unchill. But you are not alone. And you may not get out alive.

We are thoroughly intrigued by the sounds of this one-on-one whodunnit from director Laurence Rosier Staines, described as a lurid drama of blackmail, love triangles and murder. “I wanted to begin with something that’s a massive part of our culture, which this year’s circumstances have only made clearer,” he says. “You first step into a room with a flat-screen television where a young woman is catching you up on the latest plot twists of a show she’s watching. By the end, two rooms later, you’ve been part of something transportive, something that you never expected.”

Each individual experience will take around 20 minutes. Tickets are vanishing fast, so snap them up quickly here or you might live to regret missing out.  

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