Anti-Valentine's Day at the Australian Museum

Things to do, Classes and workshops
Wilted Rose
Photograph: Creative Commons

Delve into the darker side of love at this V-Day event with a difference

Recently been burned by the flames of a love gone wrong? Unimpressed by Hallmark clichés, overpriced bouquets and saccharine treats? Prefer an engagement of the mind over an indulgence of the heart?

Join others shunning the commercialised holiday at the Australian Museum’s Anti-Valentine's Day edition of their Culture Up Late series.

They’ve lined up a full evening of entertainment and activities that explore the darker side of love. The Acappelicans will be applying their vocal stylings to songs of romance gone sour in between workshops where you’ll have the chance to dissect a literal (pig’s) heart and make a voodoo doll of your ex.

There’ll also be an ‘ultimate mating’ tour of the Wild Planet gallery that delves into the great lengths creatures in the wild go to in order to hook up, plus a ‘speed-hating’ session where you can connect with other single haters over shared pet peeves.

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