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April Holcombe for 40 Under 40

April Holcombe

Time Out Sydney's Forty Under 40


To mainstream audiences, April Holcombe’s biggest claim to fame is the role she’s played in disruptive protests, like the interruption of a Q&A broadcast. As a socialist, activist and advocate for queer rights, the rights of refugees, and of the working class, Holcombe says these strategies may attract tut-tutting from the powers that be, but “we don’t need the permission of the mainstream press or establishment to want to fight the world. It’s pretty obvious that there’s going to be opposition and hostility from people who like the way things are now.”

In the future April hopes Sydney: “Shuts down as a city! I want people out on streets, I want people on picket lines – I want a Sydney that’s for the people, that’s under our control.”

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