Bill Bryson: Observations on Life and the Human Body

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Bill Bryson smiling.
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Check out what's inside your bod with this laughter scientist’s fun take on human anatomy

Full disclaimer: Bill Bryson is not an actual scientist with any kind of professional expertise in human anatomy, but he is an author with a knack for explaining the more complicated things in life with a laugh.

Bryson’s latest informative funny bone-tickler, The Body: A Guide for Occupants, attempts to explain the intricate workings of the molecules, protons and electrons that make up the human body. Like his bestselling non-fiction work, A Short History of Nearly Everything, this new novel explains the world of science in an easily digestible format. While the writer’s well documented wit will make it an enjoyable read, his forays into the world of science have also informed the book, which will be released this October.

He’ll be unraveling his investigation in a live talk with radio host, comedian, writer and triple threat RocKwiz queen, Julia Zemiro. The pair will also chat about Bryson’s travels, his impressive collection of humorous literary works, and how he inexpertly developed his science-inspired career.


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